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Still Hand will be playing the midnight slot Friday and Saturday night at The Electric Moonshine Music Festival. October 4th and 5th midnight till “Who knows when?” Electric Moonshine Music Festival will be held october 4 th-6th 2013 at Sandy Valley Campground in Whitehaven, PA. Tickets will be $60 and are only available at the gate. Tickets include 2 nights camping. Band Schedule:
3:00-4:30- Trouble City Allstars.
5:00-6:30- Echoes Talk Back.
7:00-8:45- Jahman Brahman.
9:15-11:00- Rogue Chimp
12:00-????- Still Hand String Band.
12:00-1:30- Uncle Jake and the 18 Wheel Gang.
2:00-3:30- Muppets Titanium Stardust Machine
4:00-6:00- Backwoods Experiment.
6:30-8:30- Willie Jack and the Northern Lights
9:00-11:00- The Electric Moonshine Orchestra
12:00-????- Still Hand String Band